Dim the Lights of the Past


Dim – what do thou mean?

To be less bright, to lack the light?

To seem unlikely, to not understand clearly?

It means all of the above and more.

I have always been extremely optimistic about life and still am. Always looking forward with high hopes. And so I have had a fair share of disappointments. Those hopes getting dim with time. With tears welling up in my eyes. Thinking about the future and living in the present without those dreams have been excruciating. It was like screaming silently. It was like someone tearing up my heart.

But I remember, time and again, I have been my own counsellor ( the real counsellors are losing their job ;)). Telling myself – “Dim the lights of the past. Live in the present and light it up for the future.” I must say it has always worked.

Dimming those lights take your mind off them. Helps you focus on something more important. Most importantly, it let’s you find something more meaningful. Something to anchor your life to. And as luck would have it, more often than not, these new things keep me alive for the magic to happen.

The magic called ”SERENDIPITY’.

So, dim the lights of the past and live in the present for the magic to happen giving you a happy future!



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